Summer Session Administration

Summer Session is a self-supporting program, with the administration of tuition revenue being handled as follows:

Summer Session Administration Overview

  • Summer Session tuition and Services & Activities (S&A) Fees are based on the preceding academic year’s part-time rates as outlined in EP10 – Summer Session Tuition and Services and Activities Fees Policy
  • During Summer Session students can enroll in courses on any campus without going through the intercampus enrollment process.
  • Tuition and fees are charged based on the campus of the course the student is enrolled in (e.g., Pullman student enrolls in a Global Campus course they will pay Global Campus tuition and fees) and NOT the student’s primary program campus.
    • Note, this is different than the academic year.
  • Global, Pullman, and Spokane campus revenue is received and distributed by Global Campus per the Summer Session revenue distribution model in place at the time.
    • Everett, Tri-Cities, and Vancouver is received by the respective campuses
  • Programs that are self-sustaining during the academic year (e.g., IALC, BUSN, Study Abroad, etc.) continue to receive their own revenue during Summer Session just as they do during the academic year.
    • The department is responsible for ensuring the rates are set and the accounting is correct on their item types for proper distribution.