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Summer Admin WSU Summer Session Administration


Summer Session, a self-supporting program, is an integral part of the year-round instructional program of Washington State University and is committed to the pursuit of excellence in education, striving for the highest standard of academic integrity.

Important Dates
Registration begins for Summer 2016  Mar 6
Commencement  May 6
Summer Session Classes Begin  May 8
Memorial Day (classes do not meet)  May 29
Independence Day  July 4
Last Day of Summer Session  July 28
Final grades due in Registrar’s Office by 5:00 p.m.   —


Deadlines    [2017 Deadlines Coming Soon]


Session DatesMaymesterEarly 6-weekLate 6-week8-week12-week
Start/End Date5/9-6/35/9-6/176/20-7-296/6-7/295/9-7/29
Drop Deadline5/125/166/276/145/21
Withdrawal Deadline5/276/67/187/137/5
Tuition Due5/95/96/206/65/9
First Tuition Late Fee5/275/276/246/245/27
Change Audit to Credit 5/125/136/246/135/17
Change Credit to Audit5/165/186/296/205/23
change P/F to Letter Grade5/276/177/297/297/29
Change Letter grade to P/F5/135/166/276/165/20


Session Schedule


Summer Session 2017
Maymester         May 8 – June 2
Early 6-week      May 8 – June 16
12-week              May 8 – July 28
8-week                 June 5 – July 28
Late 6-week       June 19 – July 28

Carson College of Business
Early 7-week      May 8 – June 25
Late 7-week       June 26 – August 13

July 29 – August 20